About Me


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Alicia Harvey moved to the Seattle area in the mid-1990s and was immediately swept up by the art scene swirling around her. She played for years with pottery and watercolor, before transitioning to acrylics and mixed media in 2000.

For the past decade, she has presented demonstrations and taught workshops at Daniel Smith Artists’ Materials (both in Seattle and Bellevue), as well as an independent teacher.

Her work has appeared in group shows around the area, including Seattle, Edmonds, and Everett.


Art Statement

I consider myself a color junkie and artistic explorer. 

The expression of color describes the spirit within. When exploring my subject, I do not look at the realistic color and its representation. Rather I intuitively look into that spirit of the subject and decide what color, shape, and line it calls for. In that respect, I follow the Fauvist style of Matisse. Pure color, definitive shapes, hard lines.

As I say to folks who ask how I paint:

I draw realistically just for giggles, but delving outside those lines to explore what is within drives me to paint.