Colorblock Portrait Commissions

Way back when…

Artists were the photographers of their time, painting a portrait of the royal subject to replicate his/her image for generations to come. When the camera was invented – luckily at the same time as paint in tubes – the Impressionists burst out with color, expression, and interpretation. I WANT TO SEE HOW YOU DO IT

Come back to portraits but with an exciting interpretive color twist, created by artist hands. Using a reference photo provided by you, I draw the features in a realistic style, but then accent the face with blocks of joyful color. I accept any commission – pet, child, or adult.

I’m excited and honored to work with you! First step? Read the options below, and then complete my contact form to begin. LET’S GET STARTED!

Select from 2 pricing options (includes shipping and handling):

Paper Colorblock (unframed) $55 – 9″x12″ on quality heavyweight cold press paper using Molotow acrylic markers. Colors chosen by artist discretion.

Wood Cradleboard Colorblock (Hardware included; ready to hang) $99 – 12″x12″ on quality birch wood cradleboard using acrylic paints that you chose from these color palette selections:


At the Beach

Spa Day

All transactions  completed via email using the security of Squareup.

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