Sh*! or Get Off the Pot

You know, there is a time when you have to say this phrase, right? When the fear stops your journey. I have been sitting on this website for months – waffling between this WebhostingHub site and a store website on Squarespace. Granted, three of those weeks were caught up with getting a breast biopsy and coming down with the flu. So, okay, I can kinda, sorta, lighten up on myself.

But really it was the fear. I don’t have all my pictures! I only have a few videos! What if no one buys my art! At some point, you need to take a deep breath and push that button. Sure, there will be consequences – but, guess what, so does not pushing that button. The consequence of not moving forward is just sitting there and dwelling on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

I have many art sayings (one is on my landing page). Another one is: At some point, your painting WILL look ugly – DEAL WITH IT. And that really sums up how to handle the fear. DEAL WITH IT. Honestly, it won’t go away. It WILL hang around and continue talking to you like that irritating person sitting next to you on a 6-hour plane trip.

So how do you deal with it? That’s a personal question. I can’t answer answer that for you – each of you need to figure that out for yourselves. (Unless it has to do with your artwork, then, yes, I can help with that!) For me, I create a placeholder. For my painting, I put the painting in a place that I look at it consistently. After a few days, I know my next step. For this website, my placeholder for the store is “Coming Soon!”. It’s not a cop-out. It’s “the taking of breath”. Afterward, I will push that button (or sh*!) and continue on.

And on that note – WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE!

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